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7 Best Thrills on the Gold Coast

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7 Best Thrills on the Gold Coast

From super fast Jet Boats to super high Roller Coasters, the Gold Coast is full of crazy ways to get your next adrenaline rush. We're addicted to them - And it's no wonder why, we've got Roller Coasters and Theme Parks in every corner of the coast! But sometimes Roller Coasters can get boring. We start looking for something different - Something bigger, something better, something that we haven't done before. We look for new thrills - And we've made the work easy for you. Featuring seven of the Coast's best thrills, we hope to fulfill all of your thrill-seeking desires!

Gold Coast Slingshot

Right in the heart of Surfers Paradise, there's no more iconic thrill ride than the slingshot! Brightly lit at night and standing almost one hundred metres straight into the air, the slingshot is the perfect way to get your latest adrenaline rush. With up to 6G's of force, you'll hear the powerful machinery working underneath you as you're shot a hundred metres into the air, and at almost 200km/hour you'll barely have time to scream! But if you're not a fan of being shot straight into the air, don't count this place out - Also featuring Surfer's iconic Vomatron, which spins you in the air at 120km/hour, you're sure to get your fill of the thrills! Do you dare to take them on?

Water Jetpack Rides

It's bound to get hot on the Coast this Summer, and what better way to mix thrills and chills than with a Water Jetpack ride! Located right around the corner from Sea World, we can guarantee you'll want a ride as soon as you see it. For just $99 you can learn how to fly like the professionals, shooting out of the water with your jetpack, jet board or jet bike for an exhilarating half hour session! And with Summer right around the corner, it's the perfect way to get that adrenaline rush without the heat!

Indoor Skydiving

if you're interested in skydiving but not so keen to fall from 12 thousand feet, iFly in Surfers Paradise is the perfect place to do it! Located just minutes walk from Cavill Ave, from just $69 you'll be suited up and shot up in the air, circling around with an instructor for two incredible flights! While you'll be primarily close to the ground on your first session, if you decide you want to keep coming back you'll be able to work up the the experienced flyer package, let loose in the tube to fly without limits!

Jet Boating

Ever wanted to feel the adrenaline of shooting through the Broadwater, but didn't have a boat? With Paradise jet Boating you can do just that! The perfect combination of rally car and speed boat, Paradise Jet Boating lets you experience the thrill or Rally Car racing with the added fun of the water. Boasting high speed drifts, incredible 360 degree spins and beach buzzes in as little as ten centimetres of water, for just $70 you'll be spun, whizzed and thrilled past Sea World at forty kilometres per hour and into the Marine Park, where you'll be given a glimpse at some of the most incredibles creatures the Coast has on offer! And if you want to beat the heat, make sure you sit towards the front of the boat - You're sure to get cooled off with the spray!

Tamborine Mountain Ziplining & Treetop Challenge

Ever imagined you were Tarzan, trees flying past you as you zip through the forest? Hosting the famous Ziplining & Treetop Challenge, Mount Tamborine is the perfect place to get up and close with nature as you fly straight past it. The largest zipline and treetop adventure park in Australia, the zipline tour is made up of seven huge ziplines spanning 1.2 kilometres, whizzing you through the trees and into Cedar Creek Canyon at an incredible 70 kilometres an hour! The best way to experience the Coast's hinterland, the Zipline and Treetop challenge is all about the thrill - And for just $120, it's the perfect day trip!


Want to experience the whole of the Coast but don't have the time to do it? See it all at once from 12000 feet with Gold Coast Skydive! The best Skydiving company on the Coast, skydiving is the ultimate thrill - And the Gold Coast is the perfect place to do it! Departing from the Gold Coast International Airport, you'll get to fly amongst the jets as you make you way to the drop point, the sparkling waters and rolling hills of the Coast sprawled out beneath you as you free fall and land on the gorgeous Kirra Beach. Of course, you don't have to dive just once - If you're after a real thrill check out their Thrill Seekers Unite package for $660, and if you still want more after that, become a certified skydiver yourself! The sky's the limit!

Movie World DC Rivals Hypercoaster

The newest and most highly anticipated thrill on the Coast, Movie World's newest Hypercoaster is a must-do for any thrill seeker. The tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster in the Southern Hemisphere, the DC Hypercoaster is a true beast - And reaching speeds of up to 115km/hour (that's faster than you're allowed to drive!) it's not for the faint of heart! Running for almost 1.5 kilometres, you'll be dropped over sixty metres straight down before twisting and turning at record speeds for 1.4 kilometres before returning back to the Joker's house to do it all again. Breaking records in the Southern Hemisphere, this ride is one to tick off the bucket list - But only if you do it backwards!

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