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Night Quarter

New precinct at Helensvale

Night Quarter

The Night Quarter has arrived and has unhinged the doors of its awesomely stacked shipping container precinct at Helensvale on the Gold Coast!

Located at, 1 Town Centre Drive Helensvale (just in front of Westfield shopping center) The NightQuarter has pulled off the mightiest feat, a delicious mix of emerging exotic and vintage/retro clothing stalls combined with an array of flavour sensations! This bustling community of pure deliciousness is open every Friday and Saturday night from 4pm-10pm. Set in an open-air market style, it boasts the most creative food and shopping that the Gold Coast has to offer!

For just the price of a Pepsi ($3) gets you entry into a magical land of delicious street food and micro restaurants, with influences from around the globe that got all up in my grill……in a good way! Spread over a huge 1 hectare, it houses numerous shipping containers filled with clothing and food stalls accompanied by 2 major hangers with MORE food stalls and an area for live music and shows called “the paddock” which could host up to 2000 people!

I felt like a big kid again when entering the gates. To my left was a florist with the most magical looking flowers and kind faces behind the counter. “What do I do, where do I start, what’s that glorious smell?” The haunting aromas of tapas and BBQS, mixed with the sweet smells of liquid filled cronuts and cotton candy. I have so been looking forward to this opening, and so excited that finally a market of this magnitude has hit finally hit the Gold Coast. The Night Quarter is MASSIVE!

I started down Tapas Street; a passageway with multiple food stalls on each side and cute seating arrangements in the centre. As I walked through the bar-height tables I started checking out everyone’s mouth-watering food, I had to stop, collaborate and listen. And say to myself, “I’m on that bikini body diet Katherine, I can only have 3 dish choices and dessert and…….maybe a cronut”. I carefully selected my items of choice and seeing that there was live Latin music playing I went for the Seafood Paella, Smoked BBQ Wrap, BBQ Pork Buns and the most delightful red velvet cake and salted caramel Lamington. I even feasted on some of the leftovers whilst binge watching my favourite show last night, Keeping Up With The Kardashians….I know, I know….I love them!

My next move was to check out The Backyard. Located in the back corner of the markets it houses Australian/Texan BBQ style meats and the smell…the smell was what I would imagine heaven would smell like. The exposed ceiling beams added that cool outback atmosphere and retro light bulbs dangled in wire baskets. This was an awesome spot to soak those smoky flavors of brisket whilst accompanied by a beer (yes this is my 4th dish).

Now believe me when I say this. You MUST check this out. I know for sure I’ll be a regular. I'll just have to hit the treadmill that little bit faster...

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Katherine Galvin

Katherine Galvin

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