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Gold Coast's Best Markets

Local Artisans, Fresh Produce, Handmade Stuff

Gold Coast's Best Markets

Fresh fruit, veg, nicknacks, paddywacks, give a dog a bone, handmade clothing and enough trinkets to fill a house – what could be fun-tabulous than a day at the market? The perfect place to spend your money and your day...or even your night! In no particular order, here’s a handful of places worthy of your time and money:

Carrara Markets

Open every weekend from 7am to 3pm and packed to the brim with enough clothes, food, jewellery, electronics, and enough trinkets to make your head spin, Carrara Markets are probably the most iconic place to go for a bit of a wander. Take your Nan, look at some of the things you didn't know you wanted and redecorate your (or her) house in rustic rope carpets.

The Village Markets

For those seeking something a little more bohemian, The Village Markets on Burleigh Beach are the place to be. Running on the first and third Sundays of every month, this unique and sprawling market features a carefully collected display of goodies made from local talent and food trucks with nibbles to die for. If you can ever pull yourself away from the delicious snacks, go look at some of the arts and crafts, unique designs and fascinating bits and bobs on offer.

Surfers Paradise Markets

Named the Beachfront Markets for their beachfront status, this set of stalls that fills Surfer's Paradise thrice weekly (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) are filled to the absolute brim with a certain character that brings the locals back every time. Give it a looksie soon and enjoy the less club-themed side of Surfer's Paradise.

Burleigh Heads Farmers Markets

No lessons on a Saturday, even if this is on school property. Nestled on the grounds of Burleigh Heads State School, this friendly farmer's market will leave you practically toppling over with produce. Grab a hot up of joe, pick out the best apples and apricots and vibe out to some live music while you decide whether you can eat two whole boxes of mangos. The answer is yes, by the way. Get the mangos while they're in season.

Art & Craft Markets

A bit of a wanderer (Broadbeach every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, Coolangatta every 2nd Sunday -and 4th when there are 5 Sundays in a month- and Burleigh Heads every last Sunday of the month...complicated, I know, GC's Art and Craft Market might be hard to find at times, but the pay off is probably one of the best market experiences you can get. You'll walk out laden with bangles and bracelets and maybe even a tiara, along with about a dozen other things you deserve and should get.

Miami Marketta

It's like an international buffet, which is particularly compelling, as we can't travel right now. Travel across Asia, to New York, back to Europe with Barcelona, and maybe even Berlin with all the street food you can afford, both in wallet and weight. Open every Wednesday and Friday -5 pm till late- and every Saturday -4 pm till late-, taste, taste, taste until your mouth is numb. Then just wait a bit and taste some more.

Markets are the perfect place to spend a day and spend your paycheck. Whether you're there for the food, the finds or the fun, you're bound to unlock some form of joy from your time out. So go ahead, fill the fridge and have a blast doing it for once. And don't forget, always stock up on mangos while they're in season!.

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