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Cute Dates That Won’t Break The Bank

Love is free and so are these dates!

Cute Dates That Won’t Break The Bank

📷 :Crew

You shouldn’t be spending your hard earned money trying to impress other people, it’s there for late night purchases of fancy jackets and Maccas runs. Just kidding…unless that’s your bliss. But really, dates shouldn’t leave you eating noodles and frozen peas for a month every time, so here are some free ideas that are also free to do.

Beach Day

They’re not charging for the ocean yet, so get in while the going is good and spend your day swimming amongst the ocean blue. Don’t like sand? Bring a towel! This is a great opportunity not just to save money but show of your killer beach bod and impress your date. The only cost? Maybe some sunscreen and, as said previously, a towel. Hopefully you already own both anyway.

Currumbin Rock Pools

Another swimming one, because the GC is full of ways to enjoy the water for free. It isn’t all Wet’N’Wild! Take a bit of a hike down to this iconic set of rock pools and know you’re going to have a great time. Plus, it’s a little more intimate than the beach. Smooch down under the waterfall for a bit of privacy!

📷 : Dane Wetton

Picnic In The Park

This one is pretty simple but always a hit. You will have to provide lunch, but like, that $10 at Coles for a loaf of bread, something to stick between the slices, a bottle of soft drink, and maybe a punnet of strawberries, bag of chips or block of chocolate to really sell the whole thing. You probably have that at home anyway. Just throw it in a bag, grab an old blanket, and settle down under a tree in the park for a romantic day out. It’s the ultimate winner!

Feel The Birds – Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

This one is pretty cool. Not only do you get to go somewhere that’s pretty specific and thus a planned date, but it’s free to attend, and only a gold coin donation to actually participate! Lorikeets are pretty birds, you’ll probably win some brownie points for doing something with animals, and really, who’s going to complain? It’s a fun, little date to set the mood right.

📷 : Alex Iby


Ultimately, art is sexy. Even when it’s not meant to be, there’s something attractive about having a vision and setting it to canvas. HOTA is the coolest gallery on the GC and if you just don’t acknowledge the café or new rooftop bar The Exhibitionist Bar, there’s nothing really to spend your money on. Just wander through, look at the art, and make some intelligent comments to seem smart if you’re feeling a little self-conscious. Don’t know what to say? BUZZWORDS! Brushstrokes, colour theory, influences, dynamic. Or ask them about themselves. That seems like the smarter option, but you can make that choice for yourself.

Go out with your bad self and impress the possible love of your life with your style, grace and winning personality, and not your fat wallet. Particularly if it isn’t. Now, you should probably, at some point, buy them dinner, but until then, know you can do something fun without spending the moolah! Good luck!

📷 :Dev Asangbam

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