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Best All-Day Breakfasts

Best Gold Coasts Breakfasts

Best All-Day Breakfasts

Breakfast. We all love it. From Pancakes to Pancetta and Bacon to Bennies, there's the perfect breakfast for any occasion or time of day. Some of us would prefer breakfast for every meal of the day, and some might just wake up around lunchtime instead - But what do we do when breakfast is over? In my humble opinion, Breakfast should be available for all meals of the day, and it seems that these eight unique cafes have got it right!

Barefoot Barista

They may not actually be barefoot, but the people at Barefoot Barista in Palm Beach certainly know what their customers want. A chic, modern cafe complete with hanging baskets, Barefoot has something for every type of morning (or afternoon) person. For the healthier touch grab their Well-Being Porridge. or go all out and indulge yourself this winter in their famous Ricotta Hotcakes, decked with your choice of crispy bacon or fresh fruit. If you’re not a big breakfast eater, they’ve also got a huge range of smoothies, juices, teas and coffees - All until 4pm! Lunch pancakes, anyone?

The Department of Coffee (TDOC)

Just across the road, The Department of Coffee is Barefoot Barista’s urban twin. Open from 5:30am every morning, TDOC is ready and waiting to fill your stomach and your caffeine quota. Grab a coffee and Breakfast Burrito to go, or if you've got the time grab a table and enjoy the breeze and one of their fresh Acai Bowls for $10.90. Whether you're chasing a quick, quality breakfast or just trying to find the next great Brunch space, TDOC is sure to have you covered for every situation!

Bam Bam Bakehouse

You'd think that three days to make a Croissant is too long, but the Croissants at Mermaid Beach’s Bam Bam Bakehouse are definitely worth the wait. Available from 7am - 2pm every day, Bam Bam prides itself on hand-making simple, quality food. You won’t find anything frozen here - From their simple yet elegant croissants to their decadent $15 French Toast, Bam Bam has something to satisfy even the sweetest tooth!

Burleigh Baker

A bakery with a difference, the bakers and chefs at Burleigh Baker pride themselves on one thing: The integrity of their food. Hidden behind a Poinciana Tree in Burleigh’s James Street, the only thing better than their lovingly created bread is their fresh, all-day breakfast menu. Featuring a variety of free-range egg dishes including multiple Omelets and the favourite $17 Eggs Benedict, as well as a huge variety of freshly-made sandwiches for just $8 each, this humble bakery is sure to earn a place in anyone's heart.

Elk Espresso

Think you’re hip enough for this cafe? Situated on Chelsea Ave next to Broadbeach Park and complete with a range of mismatched furniture. Elk Espresso is the place to be. Full of good vibes and healthy food, you won’t be feeling guilty here. Try their $15 Bircher Muesli or $15 Smoked Salmon and Free-Range Eggs, or if you’re looking to splurge a little more grab their $18 Very Green Salad - complete with Free Range Eggs. If you’re a little less concerned about the health side of life, grab their $18 Meatballs on Toast - With Salami, pickled tomatoes and a fried egg on cheesy toast, it’s the perfect winter warmer for those cold Gold Coast days!

Le Café Gourmand

Bonjour les amis! At Cafe Gourmand, they’re all about bringing the finest French foods to the streets of Australia! Standing on the corner of Cronulla Ave and the Gold Coast Motorway in Mermaid, Cafe Gourmand prides itself on having only the best and freshest food. With produce sourced straight from France, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday in this cafe. For a culture fix, try the $11 Croque-Monsieur or their famous $12.50 Oeuf Cocotte, but if you’re looking for something a little more familiar (and a little easier to pronounce), you can never go past their Croissants. Understated yet elegant, you’re sure to fall in love with France and Le Cafe Gourmand.

Marie Anita’s

Finding delicious, Gluten-Free, sugar-free, environment-friendly food can be difficult sometimes - that’s where Marie Anita’s comes in! Relocating soon to Mermaid Beach, Marie Anita’s caters to for all things healthy - with no added sugar, locally sourced produce and solely gluten-free products, you don’t need the extra fine print to enjoy yourself! If you’re after something lighter try out their $8.50 Spiced Sweet Loaf or $11 Free-Range Eggs, but if you’re after something a little more familiar, you can’t go past their $18 Buckwheat Pancakes. They may be a little on the pricier side, but for fresh, healthy, environmentally-friendly food that’s good for you and your Instagram? Totally worth it.

Randy Wallhole

Beaches and all-day Bagels? Yes please! Hiding just across from Broadwater Parklands, Randy Wallhole is the next quirky, cool, up and coming brunch space. Featuring primarily Bagels, Bowls and Jaffles, this hole in the wall doesn’t skip on the good stuff - With a classic cheese Jaffle, smokey beef Jaffle or the Pizza-esque Meat Lovers Jaffle for under $9, and a variety of plain and tasty Bagels for (mostly) $10 and under, Randy is sure to satisfy your hunger, without breaking the wallet.

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