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7 Excellent Eateries for Hungry Herbivores

Kale Yeah! GC's Best Vegetarian & Vegan Places

7 Excellent Eateries for Hungry Herbivores

The Gold Coast is chock-a-block with a diverse range of people, which is why it's all inclusive to your dietary needs. The GC is filled with the yummiest vegan and vegetarian-friendly food, if we didn't share, it'd just be rude.

Tian Ran

Tian Ran is a completely vegan Chinese restaurant in Mermaid Beach. With a range of food on the menu, a vegan meal has never tasted to real. From their 'honey chicken' to their 'calamari', I promise you, you will never taste vegan food as authentic as Tian Ran's on the whole of the Coast. Their samosas, dumplings and especially their roti will make you feel as though you're floating.

The LC Market Place

The Love Child Market Place is a vegan food market with a rooftopbar in Miami. The entire joint is vegan and features restaurants such as I Like Ramen, and BVK (Burgers V Kebabs). The LC has a rooftop bar that serves vegan drinks and offers great food and beve deals all week such as $5 tacos and $10 cocktails on Tijuana Tuesday's. So sip, play and sway at The LC!

The Cardomon Pod

The Cardomon Pod has two locations of the Coast, the first being in Southport and the second being in Broadbeach. The vegetarian restaurant specialises in beautiful breakfasts and lunches that just look too damn pretty to eat. Pancakes, french toast, acai bowls, you name it, The Cardomon Pod has tackled it.


Govindas is an Indian vegetarian restaurant that resides in Surfers Paradise and Burlight Heads. The restaurant is filled with most delicious salads, rice, and main Indian dishes, all 100% vegtarian. The inside of the restaurant is covered in tradition Indian decor, making the dining experience joyus. For just $15, Govindas offers an all you cant eat option allowing you unlimited trips to the buffet. Winners of the best vegetarian restuarant on the Coast in 2018 and the kofta balls on the Coast, you can't miss out of Govindas.

Blend Love

Blend Love has a full vegan menu ranging from smoothies, acai bowls, pancakes to loaded fries. The vegan restaurant prides themselves on their original menu as they cater for the gluten intolerant and avoid processed foods as well as foods with refind sugar in them. Blend Love is perfect for that catch up you've been avoiding for the past few months.

Lord of the Fries

You've probably heard of Robina's Lord of the Wings, now introducing it's vegan sister, Lord of the Fries. Lord of the Fries is a vegan fast food restaurant located in Surfer Paradise. If you are craving a snack pack, burger, a hot dog or chips with aioli and a milkshakre to wash it down after hitting Orchid Ave on Saturday night, don't stress The Lord of the Fries does it right.

Flour of Life

The all vegan bakery is a dream come true! Flour of Life caters to those who miss a good ol' sausage roll or a lamington, but of course there's not an animal product in sight! So head on down and take a massive bite because Flour of Life really got the whole vegan thing right!

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