Behind Probioskin

Meet Amanda Parker

Behind Probioskin

The Good Guide is here to celebrate local is lovely. What makes a place so unique is her people. We get behind Gold Coast’s beautiful beauty brand Probioskin and meet the magical Amanda Parker. We love her so much, we wish we could bottle her! Her passion, enthusiasm, dedication and love for natural skin care, holistic living, the environment and life! Yes, this wonder woman is the real deal. We know you will love her as much as we do!

NAME: Amanda Parker

JOB TITLE: Co-Boss (which means I do everything from formulate to market our rawsome products, answer the phone and sweep the floors).

VENUE: Probioskin

WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT WHAT YOU DO? Pretty much everything except the mountains of paperwork that comes with running your own business. I love the creativity, bringing my ideas from the pile of raw ingredients and transforming them through to a beautiful glass bottle or tub of skin care or nutritional blends & teas that end up being a part of someone’ day, being beneficial in a persons life. Alchemy.

DESCRIBE A DAY IN THE LIFE OF YOU? Children rise and shine and school run, to the factory where the magic happens, sometimes the hours turn into a day of manufacturing and other days the office calls to focus on planning and marketing. Other days I am blessed to be in the company of my clients and am in our clinic/wellness centre at 1 Paradise Avenue, Miami as a Practitioner. Basically I roll between my beautiful family, clinical practice and Probioskin. Some days I squeeze in friends and some fun J That’s the bomb!

WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT? Happiness and a better future. I feel what my work is about leads to this in the wider community and globally. In my little world and by doing what I love, I am contributing to a healthy world, the next generation and a better tomorrow. Most of all my family and friends - without these peeps it wouldn’t be real.

WHAT’S YOUR LIFE PHILOSOPHY? Make every day count.

5 WORDS THAT DESCRIBE YOU: Creative. Courageous. Compassionate. Loyal. Adventurous.

WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GREW UP? Naturopath / Wildlife park owner

THREE PEOPLE (DEAD OR ALIVE) YOU WOULD INVITE FOR DINNER PARTY? Elvis, David Bowie & Bob Dylan– to talk about the music, being yourself, and the stories they could tell. Also Albert Einstein and Hippocrates to talk about where the ideas come from.

YOU ARE TURNED INTO A BIRD, WHAT BIRD WHAT THAT BE? Torn between being an eagle and the way you get to see the world when flying that high and free, and a nightingale so I could sing.




EAT: The Shack Superfood Café / Hatchi / Cha Cha

DRINK: Justin Lane Rooftop Bar / Bine

CHEF: The crew at Itoshin / The crew at The Shack Superfood Café – so fresh!

RELAX: Miami Beach early and Tallabudgera river – heaven!

SHOP: Lisa Brown in Glenelg St / Miami Antique Centre GC Hway / Typo / Village Markets

TO IMPRESS: Fellini Marina Mirage / Rickshore

CULTURE/ARTS: The GC Arts Centre, / Bleach Festival

EVENT: Miami Marketta for live music


MY WORDS OF WISDOM: We are a global village, don’t poop in the next village’s garden, Love and respect others as you would have them love and respect you

NEXT EXCITING THING FOR ME IS: The next range of our body products coming out this year – so excited and exciting!

MORE: Shop local – we are an amazing community of creative and talented people on the Gold Coast, believe in us, support us and tell the world about us!

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