The Perils of Adulthood

Because Adulting is Hard and We All Go Through It

The Perils of Adulthood

We all know how hard it is to adult... and there's some things we cannot escape (no matter how hard we try). But we're here to tell you you're not alone... we are all a mess sometimes and... um I forgot where I was going with this! But mum isn't always going to be able to take care of your life so here are just some of the things we all do as adults... at some point... or sometimes every day... shhh

#1 - Forgetting something important

... but what was it again?

Was someone's birthday yesterday?

What time was that meeting?

#2 - Constantly Misplacing things

Every morning its a game between where's my phone, my wallet and my keys...

and the days you turn back home to get them

#3 - Everything is Expensive

Whose idea was it that everything costed money? I miss not worrying about bills... and then forgetting I had to pay them... Can someone remind me to pay my phone bill later?

#4 - Alarms

Can I just get 5 more minutes of sleep without waking up late and running late for the REST of the day?

#5 - Looking after your health

All I want is to eat an entire box of donuts without being judged and feeling sick for the next 3 days... I thought dieting was a scam anyway.

And how can I get my back to stop hurting after everything I do?... Asking for a friend!!

#6 - No Breaks

Gone are the days of Holidays every couple of months for a few weeks... I NEED A BREAK TOO!!

Petition to bring more mandatory holidays?

#7 - The constant paranoia that you're failing as an Adult

Why does everyone else look like they have everything together? Can someone tell me how to do that?

... No need to worry bae, you're doing GREAT and here's a little secret from us - we are ALL just winging it. Life, eyeliner, everything...

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Stephanie Honeychurch

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