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How to Get to That Zoom Meeting on Time

Why get up early when you can follow these tips

How to Get to That Zoom Meeting on Time

You’re used to rushing for a train, sprinting down the station stairs pushing past people who somehow always walk up the wrong side, but there’s something about being ready for that 9am Zoom meeting that has you stumped. Maybe it’s because the at-home office feels so easy or maybe you’re a little too confident in how much you can get done in five minutes. It's a real issue so here's how to deal with it.

Alarm Prep

Set yourself up for success by setting your alarm for at least 15 minutes before the Zoom meeting starts. We know how tempting it can be to leave it for that 10-minute, or if you’re really brave 5-minute mark, but we all know how that ends. But what can’t be done in 15 minutes, really? It’s more than enough time to chuck on some clothes, rush to your computer, and try to remember what the meeting was even about in the first place.

Laptop Placement

If you have a computer always set up in your office don’t read this tip because you are more organised than the rest of us will ever be. For those of us who leave the laptop wherever we feel like it and then have to run around like headless chickens to find it, start keeping it near your bed. Is it good for falling asleep? No. Will it save at least 4 minutes in the morning? Yes.

Pants are Optional

Remember what we said about only needing 15 minutes? That’s because you really only need to be half-dressed! Get up, put on a business shirt and you’re good to go. Just take it from us and remember, don’t stand up.

Mute it

So, the laptop is set up and ready, but you’re not quite as prepared. Hair still a mess? Need a bit more time to scull that coffee? (It’s essential, we understand). Mute the volume and turn off the camera for those precious extra minutes to get primed and ready to go. Hey, the others in the meeting might guess what you’re doing, but we know and so do they, that they’ve done it too.

Still Late?

Tried your best but still tuned in after everyone is already finished with the awkward small talk? Time to bring out the big guns; blame the WIFI. How could anyone blame you for the WIFI running slow when so many people are using it. Use this as a get out of Zoom jail free card, any time you need.

There you have it folks, now you'll never be late again...right?

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