Best events hitting the South East this season

An essential guide to help you snag the hottest tickets in town.

Best events hitting the South East this season

The weather may be cooling down, but the South East’s entertainment scene is heating up! Whether you’re looking to groove at a musical festival, have your funny bone tickled by world class comedians or appreciate fine art, this guide is your ticket to the best events of the season. So put those Netflix binges on hold and strap on your dancing shoes, because its time to par-tay.

Rita Ora with Kim Petras + Sammi Constantine | 5th March

As if we weren’t excited enough for Rita Ora to grace Brisbane with her presence, she has just announced that Kim Petras and Sammi Constantine will feature as her special guests throughout her Aussie Tour. The London based pop princess has played on some of the worlds most prestigious stages such as the White House, the Vatican and now, fittingly, in Eatons Hill. Tickets are selling fast, so make sure to grab yours quickly!

Brisbane Comedy Festival

Shouldering the burden of being the only comedically gifted member of your circle can be tiresome, so take the night off and let the pro’s do the work. The Brisbane Comedy Festival has just started and will run until the 24thof March, giving us a full month of hilarity and one-liners to steal and use on co-workers that didn’t attend the show.


The Curiosity exhibit is an amalgam of imagination, innovation, creativity, science, technology and art, much like a Lime Scooter. Beginning on the 15thof March, visitors can enjoy this immersive and interactive experience from various locations from the City to New Farm over the course of three weeks, so don’t miss out!

Brisbane Ice-cream Festival

Another year of icy indulgence is among us, this time with a few more soops up its sleeve.

The wait is almost over folks; the Brisbane Ice Cream Festival is making its way this March! Prepare for a two-day celebration of all things cold, creamy and coned!

As the sprinkles on top, Brisbane Ice Cream Festival accommodates dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free and vegan dietary requirements—as ice cream should be enjoyed by all!

Brewsvegas 2019

It's that time of year again to call your boss and come up with a half believable excuse to get the week off work - it's Brewsvegas week baby! Starting on the 14th of March and wrapping up on the 24th, this city-wide event is sure to get you ready to cheers the week away!

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Brewsvegas for a beer-y good time this march!

Endless Sumer + Sunday Spritz Session | The Yot Club

Imagine watching the sunset over the GC Broadwater as you sip on a tropical spritz while you listen to disco house and R&B tunes.⁣ This March, get the chance to board the world’s first super yacht entertainment venue! The Yot Club will surely immerse yourself in the good life, featuring music that moves you, fashion that inspires you, cuisine to entice you and drinks to surprise you.

Art Exhibitions

If you’re looking to expand your horizons and thoughtfully stroke your chin, there are many exciting art exhibitions coming our way. A Treasured Private Notebook by Ella Sowinska and Thea Jones explores their childhood experiences of discovering the writings of their respective mothers. For architecture enthusiast, Paintings is a must-see exhibition which aims to complicate the relationship between art and architecture. Or check out Yaad Karo at Metro Arts, for a look at artist Shaivanjani Lal’s family history in the indentured labour communities of India and the Pacific.


For those that crave drama beyond the Jordyn Wood’s saga, the upcoming theatre season is sure to satisfy. Love Me, Love Me examines pop music lyrics and the role they play in our interpersonal romantic language (maybe it can explain why Adele has us missing an ex we don’t have). Single Asian Female explores what it means to be an Asian woman in Australia by following the story of the Wong family as they deal with some of life’s big questions. Reagan Kelly is a story about a rebellious, self sabotaging young woman who makes terrible relationship decisions and is growing weary of her life in suburban Brisbane (sounds eerily familiar). If creative festivals are more your thing, check out the HWY Festival or Supercell Dance Festival to uncover the creative genius you and your mum know you can be.

April and Beyond

Bluesfest | 18th April- 22nd April

We’ll be feeling anything but blue this April with Bluesfest announcing its most killer line-up to date! Seriously, we’re not kidding, the festival will feature legendary artists such as Jack Johnson, Iggy Pop, Ben Harper, Hozier, Norah Jones, Kasey Chambers and George Clinton, as well as eight fantastic Indigenous Acts to keep audiences grooving all weekend long.

Splendour in the Grass | 19th July- 21st July

The most splendid time of year is quickly approaching; the time when the 20-somethings of the South East pile into car, tape rum to themselves to evade security and assemble campsites that would make Bear Grylls weep in order to enjoy nation’s finest music festival. This July, festival goers can look forward to the musical stylings of Kendrick Lamar, Lorde, Vampire Weekend, Angus & Julia Stone, James Bay, Amy Shark, Ocean Alley, Dean Lewis and The Wombats to name a few. Ticket sales are yet to be announced, but rest assured, if we need to take the day off work to snag our spot we will.

Well there you have it, a guide to the most fabulous events SEQ has to offer! This list should keep you well and truly busy for the next several weekends so bulk buy your berocca now, there’s a few rough Monday’s ahead.

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