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Cork Leather VIP


Ever craved a cute little boutique store that you could rely on for a statement piece to match any outfit? We’ve found just what you’re after!

Made from the Cork Oak Trees throughout Portugal, Cork Leather homes beautiful bespoke pieces that are not only stunning but also environmentally friendly and we were lucky enough to witness these incredible items at Cork Leather’s VIP Night.

Walking into the store was an experience in itself, everything was made from cork but each item was unique in its style and appeal. After choosing from a selection of champagne, beer or juice, we were able to walk around and take in all the elements Cork Leather has to offer. This small venue complimented its craftsmanship with colours of yellow, white and of course, cork all around the room.

Bags, jewellery, shoes, belts and hats adorned the walls of this boutique store, the variety was endless and the accessories were exquisite.

These items spur from a tradition in Portugal where their Cork Oak Trees are debarked in order to prolong their life up to 300 years. So, not only are these items beautiful, they are also ecologically sound.

Whether you’re looking for a standout statement piece or that final item to complete your outfit, Cork Leather is the place for you! Their lovely VIP event was a night of emersion in a craft and culture that is working alongside ours. Cork Leather respect their art and where it comes from which is why you know you’re getting only the best when you walk through their doors.

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