Scout Cafe Opens on Petrie Terrace

Petrie Terrace has long been lined by genteel Victorian terrace houses, sweet gables, and neatly trimmed hedges; run down charm beside obvious wealth.

It’s also home to one of Brisbane’s busiest roads that joins up to other busy roads. Trying to find a quiet moment here is like trying to find a sane person in the Valley.

Next to all this craziness is new café Scout. Taking up shop happily within a heritage listed store, there’s rustic old world mixed with gentle modern flourishes.

Quite minimal in its fit-out, there aren’t that many tables and chairs, so turn up early on weekends as they were continually full while we were there. Full, we assume, because word has spread that they are something special.

We had a soy flat white and for once the soy was smooth and creamy – due to the fact that part owner, Suze also drinks soy – a task many cafes fail at miserably. The coffee is a New Zealand blend called Supreme Coffee and was lovely and rich, with that perfect hint of sweetness.

For breakfast we tried the Welsh rare bit with field mushroom and rocket. This dish isn’t, as I thought briefly, part of an unfortunate Welshman, it’s fancy cheese on toast, and really tasty!

We recommend Scout for a breakfast that brings a smile to your face. Like its namesake in Harper Lee’s book, there’s something cheeky and fun about it.

Scout is open seven days a week. You can find them at 190 Petrie Terrace, Petrie Terrace.

Blog by Xenica Ayling.

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